Community at Mission Harbor Behavioral Health in Santa Barbara

Community during the recovery of addiction or mental health disorders is extremely important. Santa Barbara is home to Mission Harbor and we are dedicated to treating the citizens of Southern California and the surrounding areas. We have a close-knit relation to the community, schools, and hospitals in the region aand continue to foster a relationship with Santa Barbara and Southern California as a whole in an effort to become a fixture of the county.

When people come together and support one another, recovery from mental health and addiction disorders can become a lot more successful. One of our goals is to make sure that you and your loved ones feel like the Mission Harbor community is your community. 

Mission Harbor offers multiple care models for Santa Barbara and Southern California residents with a comprehensive and systematic approach to support diverse paths to recovery. We understand that every patient is unique and has their own story, offering flexible programming that is best suited for each and every patient. Our doctorate-level clinical leadership and licensed primary therapists commit themselves to patient recovery from the moment a patient walks in the door to the conclusion of the treatment plan, to a dedicated aftercare and alumni program.

The facilities at Mission Harbor are staffed with trained experts to best assist patients with their mental health issues. We are capable of dealing with any and all cases with a licensed staff, equipment, and approved techniques. Our mission is to help those who want to help themselves, and we support your decision in seeking help.

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Alcohol addiction is extremely difficult to overcome on your own.. Seek specialized help and let professionals guide you in your recovery.