Adolescents are most likely to begin abusing alcohol as well as illegal and prescription drugs which can be dangerous and lead to lifetime damage.

Mental Health Treatment for California Military - Military Sexual Trauma

Witnessing or experiencing death, destruction, torture, and continuous threats to one’s life can potentially lead to mental health problems.

This guide defines the various types of Mental Health Issues and provides Statistics and Referral Services for the Santa Barbara area.

Intervention for Drug User

The effectiveness, when it’s appropriate, who should attend, and the factors that can harm the efforts.

Adolescent Mental Health Guide - One in Five Teens

This guide explores the rates of adolescent mental health disorders, the signs and symptoms, and what treatment options are available to teens.

Court Ordered Guide

This guide will explain court-ordered rehab, define the goal, how it works, the different types, and present resources for those needing help.

Faith Based Guide Addiction and Secrecy

This guide will explain the different faith-based treatment modalities and how they enhance non-faith-based treatment methods for people of faith.

First Responders Guide

This guide will address the statistics surrounding first responder drug and alcohol abuse rates, and where first responders can turn to for help.

Depression Treatment Santa Barbara

A guide to seeking help and assistance for college students in and around Santa Barbara who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Addiction Statistics

In Santa Barbara County and Ventura County, prescription opioids are the leading cause of drug abuse deaths.

LGBT Friendly Guide

Addiction, substance abuse, and adverse mental health rates are higher in the LGBTQ community than in the heterosexual and cisgender population.


The essential FAQ to all your addiction, rehabilitation and mental health concerns in one place.

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