Take This Test To See If You Have Clinical Depression

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Do you ever feel that maybe you should give up on yourself? Clinical depression can be overwhelming when signs of depression make life hard to enjoy. Depression is not a fault of your own; it can be caused by an imbalance of chemicals associated with the brain as well as life circumstances. Taking a test and answering some questions may help give you get more in touch with your feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

Did you know that 17.3 million American adults have at least one episode of depression? From new mothers with the “baby blues” to those with persistent depressive disorder, there are a range of emotions that fit the word “depression”. Some depressive bouts are serious, while others are short-term.

If you are asking, “Do I have depression?”, it might be wise to take this online test. An online depression test can point out where you might need help. You must first acknowledge depression before you can overcome it. If you think a loved one may be suffering from depression, have them take this test.

What is Depression?

Depression is sometimes a major disorder, such as clinical depression, which affects the mood. It can cause serious issues with the way that you think, feel, and handle daily activities. It may affect sleeping, eating, school, or working. To be diagnosed as major depression, symptoms must last for at least two weeks.

Teens may also have depression; girls are more at risk as well as those with learning disabilities. Adolescents are often dealing with depression and may also turn to substances to cope.

The Depression Test

DISCLAIMER: This test is not a formal diagnostic tool but can indicate to you that help may be needed. If you find areas of vulnerability, please contact a trained professional.

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What do the Results Mean?

This test may give you some insight into your question of, “Do I have depression?” If you answered “sometimes”, “often”, or “constantly”, to any of the questions, it might be time to seek help.

One in five teens may have depression at some point during these years. Your teen may be exhibiting the following in school:

  • Have a drop in grades
  • Not be attending
  • Not be doing homework

They may exhibit reckless behavior or unsafe sex. Even shoplifting can be a call for help. In addition to this, they may turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with these intense feelings. Identifying teen depression early may help save a life. The above depression test may be the first step in identifying depression in your teen.

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What is Depression Treatment Like?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treatment for depression. A customized plan must be matched to the individual and their specific needs. Some may require medication, such as antidepressants. Antidepressants may have side effects and should be given as part of a treatment plan. This type of medication can cause adverse effects in young adults and adolescents.

Sometimes substance abuse is part of clinical depression. With 7.9 million people having a combination of depression and addiction, it can be quite common for those coming into treatment. Those with depression often use substances to cope with the upsetting depressive thoughts and feelings of hopelessness. In that case, it is considered a co-occurring disorder. Statistics show that 27 percent of substance and alcohol abusers also have depression.

How Treatment and Therapy Helps

A program of therapy after a stay at a detox facility is used to treat the substance abuse combined with depression. Discovering the root causes of the addiction and helping the depression are the goals of rehab for co-occurring disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as other methods may be used in the treatment of depression. In addition to these methods, group and family therapy may be part of your treatment program. Integrated treatment may be the answer for those with depression and substance abuse, and the goal here will be the prevention of relapse as well as how to live a better life. A therapist versed in treating mental health disorders will help people lead a more productive and more fulfilling future.

Why go through life with a case of the blues, when treatment can help you see the world more clearly? There is a more positive life ahead with the right treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. You or your teen can overcome depression and move on to a more fulfilling life.

If the depression self-assessment showed you may have signs of depression, Mission Harbor is here to help. Even We can help you leave the depths of depression to face a brighter life. Give Mission Harbor a call at (805) 209-4446 to learn how we can get you or a loved one back on the right track to a more positive life.

The facilities at Mission Harbor are staffed with trained experts to best assist patients with their mental health issues. We are capable of dealing with any and all cases with a licensed staff, equipment, and approved techniques. Our mission is to help those who want to help themselves, and we support your decision in seeking help.

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