Getting Help: How Do You Know it’s Time?

Mission Harbor is here to help you or a loved one into treatment for addiction or mental health issues whenever you’re ready. If you’re a loved one it can be confusing knowing when it’s time to reach out for help, just as it can be confusing for yourself to make the decision to get help. Watch the video and contact us to learn more about signs to look out for, conversations to have, and to get answers to any questions you may have about treatment.

Every individual is unique, just like their treatment plan will be, but oftentimes there are patterns of behavior to look out for when it’s time for treatment. Warning signs can take any shape or form when it comes to mental health issues. From excessive sadness, sleeping too much or too little, mood swings, eating too much or too little, having fear for unusual things or events, feelings of hate or love in extremes, or even feeling nothing at all often qualify as symptoms of certain mental health issues. In order to successfully treat these symptoms, the issues must first be properly identified.

Steps to Treatment:

  • Gather Resources
  • Reach out to Professionals
  • Allow for Experts to Help

After a trained professional has diagnosed the issue, the next step is to plan an execution to treat it. This takes the form of specific therapies, custom rehabilitation programs, and recovery tracks designed for each person’s problem and the position they are in their life both personally and professionally. Additional support may be brought in for counseling to help the individual adjust to their new path and way of life.

The facilities at Mission Harbor are staffed with trained experts to best assist patients with their mental health issues. We are capable of dealing with any and all cases with a licensed staff, equipment, and approved techniques. Our mission is to help those who want to help themselves, and we support your decision in seeking help.

Get Help Now

Alcohol addiction is extremely difficult to overcome on your own.. Seek specialized help and let professionals guide you in your recovery.